Learn how to write personal essays from an established writer & storyteller trainer. 

Carrie Severson

Writer & Storyteller Trainer 

I am a personal essasyist & storyteller trainer. I've been a published writer for 20 years.

I write about my personal life for national women's magazines.

I teach entrepreneurs and inspired leaders how to write personal essays magazines will want to publish.  

I love supporting others as they share the hard stories to tell.  

Use this next week to craft one story you're wanting to share.

Why Should YOU Join this FREE 5-Day Personal Essay Writing Challenge? 

This entire year has been about change for most people. I've really embraced the changes of my life this year. It has not been easy at times at all. 

What have you learned from this year? What have you changed this year? Those changes and challenges we face in life, often times, make for the most powerful personal essays.

This challenge is an opportunity to be guided through how to take a challenge, experience or change you've had this year AND turn it into a personal essay. You'll also have that one personal essay edited by me, a professional writer who's done this for 20 years!

You receive my time, energy and attention for FIVE DAYS FOR FREE! 


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